REPLACEMENT: base frame with hard wood

after numerous repair work, it's time for a replacement. this is the base frame, with the mounting nut. it holds the weight of the camera and is also where all the chemical spillage will settle. Will be replacing it with a hard local wood, chengal or iron wood. resistant to dampness and super strong.

1st attempt, Wasted, wood too dry, left in rain. started noticing some lines splits. Too late it split so easily in the end. ah shucks. hazards of working with recycled wood.

2nd attempt at making replacement part. this one out of real hard chengal! it's really hard to saw. but it sure fits very well, finished all the crucial cuttings and fitting. mounts well.

1. the darker one used to be chengal floorboard, the lighter one I don't know, but super dense and very strong. 
2. left; jigsaw off to size / right; chisel off part
3. hand saw section. 
4. carve out washer slot. started noticing the split
5. left; trim to size wood / right; slot in parts and wood splits, hazards of working with recycled wood, too dry, left in rain
6. left; chengal stick. 32 x 320 x 20 mm, need to trim thickness to 15mm / right; fitted inside. finally. hopefully this hardwood will last. will treat will natural oils and coat with wax finishing after trimming
7. build of the month! super accomplishment, thanks to studio squat for use of the tabletop saw. finishing trimming of replacement part out of chengal. super strong now!
8. top; studio squat, table saw to trim part to size / bottom; parts flushed perfectly

new base frame