IN THE FIELD; Fivearts Centre

Prints of the five members of the Fivearts Centre, another eight more to go.

a revisit to #fiveartscentre Five Arts Centre 3 years on since #krishenjitastrofund was awarded. Here to make portraits of the members of this collective to be included in the first batch of portraits, it is also the 11th year grant awarding ceremony for 2016. Good luck everyone. It's coming full circle this project, really glad to be part of this #kantaboxkamra #afghanboxcamera #kamraefaoree #cyclingkualalumpur also commute by bicycle #kantacycling ;) closest I could get to putting a Kamra on a bicycle. Thanks fivearts for the amazing continuos support & just being such patient sitters

mobile in KL, first field trip on bicycle with Kamra. Self-contained mobile field kit. in preparation for an expedition real soon. thanks June for the pic ;) 16 prints

kanta on a bike, first mobile expedition
fiveart members, 5 of 13 members taken, another 8 to go

backpack kanta, mounted for walking
first sitter, setup for portrait taking