BUILD; Mobile Darkbox

010317– For use with Element Camera #elecamm, the 10x12" plate holder camera. A foldable 'tent', which is made for diffusing light for product shoot. Comes in various sizes, chose 75x75cm due to the format & tray size, quite sizable and spacious. Biggest challenge is to light-proof the tent. Using the same materials used for the bellows, garbage bags, double ply, as a very light and water-proof material. Inexpensive and readily available in-the-field.

040317– Still needs more development, figuring out for internal stack system for trays, squeegee, wet bench and a dry bench to store and reload the plate holders. Ventilation is gonna be big issue.

060317– little branding to keep the cover right side up and front. i'm starting to like this blockie typeface

080317– bought a usb powered fan for ventilation, spray painted the blades flat-black