BUILD #6 Gantua, a conceptual prototype

Making of a new build #6 Gantua. Although nothing new, this concept camera is based on prototype #3 Bulb, or the use of a Spherical Aqua Lens, one of the first patented lenses, and an interesting approach to using water in a bowl to refract light.

The major component of this build was actually the initial trigger/ inspiration to the new range of large format build concept. More updates soon

26 April– Dry run, with lens filled with water
mid April– building base mount
at market, as a display
setup with darkbox
first print made
- purchase 2x2" (measures 1.5"), rear element frame, build gan, mount rear element view frame. purchase tee nut. bolt & nut imperial threads. 

- prepared mounting on tripod leg. prepare plateholder with rattan shim, spacers (chopstick). bought acrylic sheets as plate holder spacers. 

- measure rear ground glass with plate holder length. difference in 2mm more for plate holder. +2mm to offset plate holder.

26 Apr- Front element, packaging fold solution with waste cardboard. spherical aqua lens rated at 274 to 300mm. Aperture size calculated to /f4 at 300/4=ø75mm. reinforce base with weaved hemp rope. fill with water, 4 rounds with yellow bucket with large funnel. use hand pump to remove water from lens. tripod stabilised with added weight.

Dry test run with imagery achieved, at 900mm from front lens/ aperture board, for 6.5x8.5" projection. lighting is fair, bright, focus is soft, hard to achieve sharp focus, suggest /f8 or 11 to achieve a degree of projectile sharpness. only a print exposure with flash lighting assistance to determine. top coat/ dark cloth not long enough for close focus. light leaks numerous.