#8Intrepid camera prep work

prep work; setup camera for repairs and tweaking for upcoming trip. have a new addition, 8x10 intrepid camera (£480) now aptly numbered #8, to replace 10x12 for flight trips due to weight constrain. relearning the methodologies, testing and field work to follow. (left: 10x12 #5elecamm, centre: 3x5 #1interchange, right: 8x10 #8intrepid).

my days (day 5) are spent trying to fix this new camera I just acquired #8intrepid #intrepidcamera The Intrepid Camera Co. The Official Intrepid Users Group modifying and making it more robust. Unfortunately, I have much other things to prepare, but since I've invested alot of funds for this solution, I better make this work. #KantaBoxKamra #KantaTaiwan.

#KantaPortraits bought a film back to replace #intrepidcamera #8x10 film holder (£40 each, bought 2), I'm afraid it's not as well made and needs alot of fixing, will post fix solutions. Fidelity Elite (RM600) for camera #8intrepid. Thanks K Azril Ismail for hunting one down, involved about 50km of cycling and 1000m hill climbing... My body is a slug today.