Refit camera #4Woodie

1 August— Time to revive this old camera #4woodie. Heading for a trip to the east side, and i need a camera. ALL my working cameras are stuck in Taipei, since lockdown in February. 

5 August— Collecting photographic chemical safe bottles. now dark bottles for colour chemicals too! #10TGbuild and reviving #4woodie

Chemical bottles

12 August— mounted! some modifications needed, camera #4woodie has legs now 🙂 next for some eyes and projection! we're halfway there

18 August— it's ready! kamra #4woodie— Ilford photo chemicals, Ilford RC photo paper, trays, 30ml graduate, rags, 210mm lens, safelight, light meter, multi-tool, spare screws set, blu tack, bottle, dark jacket, talcum powder, Profoto strobe (on-loan!), trigger, surveyor tripod, light stand... ok i think thats everything

mounted to survey tripod
camera #4woodie ready for field use