REBUILD– TOYO viewcam #toyolcam

25 September— #ToyolCam is back! Thank you Azahan the aluminium welder! its stronger than standard. had to stop him from making it too perfect and painted, you've given life to a broken down old 70s camera. thanks @_fitrijalil_ for getting this done! you will learn the workings of this camera. Sporting the really light and strong Linhof tripod! #urbancamoflauge #agedlook #Linhoftripod thanks Faiz! now to look for a suitable lens, graflok back, and film holders......  @ Brickfields

#toyolcam is back from the welders, thanks Fitri!

linhof tripod from faiz
aluminium welded by Azahan

previous fix outside
welded, skimmed outside

previous fix inside
welded, skimmed inside

23 September— acquired a beatup old tripod #Linhof. feels stable for the large format toyo im rebuilding

7 September— [1] Yaw free Toyo View camera! modified by none-other #MasterChanSifu !! so good to see you today! [2] Was during lockdown when we last contacted, here are three wooden film holders smiley face 🙂 [3] some cameras have changed place.... but the usual suspects [4] Arca Swiss, modified Yaw-free..... [5] secret room of fold cameras... I've been thinking bout that Micro Percision for so long... still can't afford it 🙁 [6] he's well enough now to cook for himself, wished i could visit more often, bring some provisions for him, he's very self-sufficient and resilient  [7] little workshop, miter-ing tool machinery.... i need to make some lens boards again [8] some friends i brought said its the future me.... yes my studio is looking alike.... [9] bye #MasterChanSifu see you soon, wishing you well 🙂 @Ulu Klang.

[1] yaw free toyo
[2] film holder smiley face

[3] camera cabinet
[4] arca swiss yawed free

[5] fold cameras
[6] well enough to cook

[7] little workshop
[8] studio lookalike

[9] bye Master Chan Sifu

3 September— gift to myself arrived today! too tired today to open. rebuilding my arsenal of...  —Say hello to my new camera Toyo View D45M probably from the 70s. (i still need one or two more large formats, its to kickstart workshops, first one in November). Its cheap RM$400 (100USD) but it had some (questionable) repair work on it. i still need to work on it and get some additional parts. It works and i can use it, i think im gonna love this camera, fix it use it, keep it running!

package arrives
hello toyo (my only 4x5 camera in malaysia)