Taipei Photobook Exhibition curation– preparation

Over a year in the making, an exhibition theme on collecting of photobooks from Malaysia with Lightbox Photobooks Library. Here are turn of events to the collecting of books. working title “Periodic Ways of Seeing”.

24 July— 1 bike, 8 books & alot of photo papers. KL - Penang express #CyclingGeorgetown. Dropped a book bag, Mak Yong took the brunt 🙁 thank you Antoine Loncle Khoo Salma Areca Books #PenangBookshelf FanChon Hoo for making this trip @liew @canaides. exhibition working title #PeriodicWaysofSeeing

26 July— Tambun caves and wall drawings, Indigenous imagery dating back as far as 9000 to 3000 years. Possibly Semai of Tambun. Only discovered in 1959 @ Tambun, Perak, Malaysia. part of research for upcoming exhibition, working title #PeriodicWaysofSeeing

about 10 meters up the wall
abstract imagery
limestone formation

6 August— some books (covers) i like. found last few weeks at state publishers and resellers. Research and side acquisition for exhibition, working title #PeriodicWaysofSeeing

11 August— #Sasterawan literature, historian, Indigenous activist and legend Akiya. Honoured to meet a prolific writer on little known histories from the indigenous point of view #PeriodicWaysofSeeing

Akiya book signing
indigenous alter-narratives

17 August— First Shipment heading to Taipei! 29.7kg of books. For those who contributed, thank you! This is for a project I've been working on for some time coming to fruition, with many other people (thank you too!). An exhibition on Malaysian Photobooks soon in Oct/ Nov 2020! Exhibition working title of #PeriodicWaysOfSeeing more details later @lightbox_lib. Even the DHL people were so intrigued with the books. Mandatory to flip through all the 40+ books to validate (censorship).

3 September— Second Shipment heading to Taipei! 29.85kg of books. Thank you to those who contributed. An exhibition on Malaysian Photobooks soon in Oct/ Nov 2020! Exhibition working title #PeriodicWaysOfSeeing @lightbox_lib we have a new title, releasing soon! Nich of DHL really took his time to go through all the books, even calling his staff to read the books with him. He gave us a Discount too!!!

1st shipment– 41 books
2nd Shipment– 39 books